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EvenOdd Clothing brand was facing challenges in reaching its target audience and achieving high conversions. They were struggling to generate ROI through their Facebook Ads campaigns. They approached Wolf Stack, a digital marketing agency, for assistance.


EvenOdd the Clothing brand needed help to reach its target audience effectively, resulting in low conversions and ROI. They were targeting an age group of 18 to 20 years old, and their focus locations were India and Pakistan. However, they were not achieving the desired results, which led to dissatisfaction with their previous digital marketing efforts.


Wolf Stack provided the EvenOdd Clothing brand with a range of Facebook Ads campaign services, including static pictures, carousels, Sponsored Posts, Dynamic Ads, and Retargeting Ads. They used their expertise in digital marketing and brand building to create tailored strategies that effectively reached EvenOdd’s target audience. They focused on metrics such as CPM, CPC, and ROAS to ensure that every campaign delivered exceptional results. With Wolf Stack’s assistance, EvenOdd Clothing brand achieved high client satisfaction and conversion rates.

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